Some Youtube Mood Boosters

So it has got to the end of a busy week and I find myself in need of some heartily amusing and adorable animal clips to help me unwind. If you’re in a hurry but want a comedy fix for the week, check these out:

The Top 5 Cat Videos

I love cat videos! They brighten up 30 seconds of my day and bring light and laughter to the internet that can sometimes be a vicious place. Don’t lie to me and say you’ve never wasted a good amount of your time watching them, I know you have. And if you really haven’t, you are…


As it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it would be well worth reminding ourselves, that whilst humans may be fickle, animals have an unbounded and adoring love for us but also for each other. Whilst they may sometimes be enemies – take a look and see why these cats and dogs really are soul-mates!