SUMMER SPORTS CLOTHES WISH LIST - So summer is on the horizon and with that wonderful fact, I find that I am getting increasingly sweaty in my long-sleeved, warm fitness clothes for the chilly winter months. I am realising that I am in desperate need of lighter, thinner clothing for when the days really start to heat up. So here are … Continue reading SUMMER SPORTS CLOTHES WISH LIST
Some Youtube Mood Boosters - So it has got to the end of a busy week and I find myself in need of some heartily amusing and adorable animal clips to help me unwind. If you’re in a hurry but want a comedy fix for the week, check these out:
DOTERRA OILS: Update 1 - So I have recently bought some doTERRA oils which I am very excited about, see here. I think they are really great, so here are the three main benefits I have found so far:
Review: Superdrug Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner - So super drug are already amazing when it comes to vegan beauty products. Their b. range is fabulous, you can find out about their different products here. But their shampoo and conditioner is also vegan and cruelty free. Lush do amazing vegan stuff too, but for when you don’t want to break the bank, Superdrug … Continue reading Review: Superdrug Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner
James Corden’s Late Late Show: Highlights - So I am a massive fan of this show! I think they try really hard to be original and entertaining and James Corden does seem like a decent person. Most importantly, he is an excellent singer – so here are some of his most recent great moments…
ESSENTIAL OILS: Trying Them For the First Time - So after my morning dance class today, a friend of my dance instructor gave a talk on essential oils, where we got to try lots of different oils and she told us about how they’re made and how they can help people. I really didn’t know a thing about these oils before the talk, but … Continue reading ESSENTIAL OILS: Trying Them For the First Time
HAPPY EASTER - Happy Easter!!! It’s spring time, the sun is shining and baby animals and flowers are filling the countryside. Here are a few cute videos to get you in the holiday spirit…
DIY: Card-Making - I really love card making, don’t get me wrong I’m a total amateur, but I think the beauty of making a card is that it doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing or cutting and sticking – A homemade card will always be appreciated and shows you really cared to put in the time … Continue reading DIY: Card-Making
MY FIRST YOGA CLASS! - Having never done yoga before I was unsure about whether I would really be able to enjoy it. I’m used to high-intensity dance workouts with blasting music and tons of endorphins, so I knew it would be quite a change. But nevertheless I went in with an open mind, and I’m so glad I did … Continue reading MY FIRST YOGA CLASS!
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Exercise Motivation - And this week’s quote is: WOW! I REALLY REGRET THAT WORKOUT. SAID NO ONE EVER
CLASSIC MOVIE FASHION MOMENTS - Having just watched Legally Blonde in all its amazingness, I thought I’d put together a whistle-stop tour of some of the most hilarious and sassy fashion moments and makeovers to ever grace our screens. Get ready to laugh out loud…
MAPOMETER FOR RUNNING - For all the runners out there who want to know how far they’ve gone and want to plan where to go next – this website is fantastic. (I’m not promoting for them, I just genuinely think this site is so good and easy to use). So here’s why I love it:
BEST JAMES CORDEN CARPOOL KAREOKES - These are some of the best things on youtube right now – and I always get excited when a new one pops up. So here are my top five picks…
The Top 5 Cat Videos - I love cat videos! They brighten up 30 seconds of my day and bring light and laughter to the internet that can sometimes be a vicious place. Don’t lie to me and say you’ve never wasted a good amount of your time watching them, I know you have. And if you really haven’t, you are … Continue reading The Top 5 Cat Videos
FITNESS: Pre-Breakfast 7 minute workout - Whenever I ¬†go for a run in the morning or go to a fitness class I always feel wonderful afterwards! My circulation gets going so I properly wake up, I can blow away the cobwebs, I feel satisfied that I’ve exercised and my metabolic rate is up so I will burn my breakfast faster! BUT … Continue reading FITNESS: Pre-Breakfast 7 minute workout
5 REASONS: Why Beyonce is the Queen of Performers - Okay so in honour of Beyonce’s kick-ass Super Bowl performance last weekend, I have compiled my absolute favourite videos of her performances to show why she is truly Queen Bey! Beyonce is a triple threat, she can sing, dance and act – and her shows are always phenomenal! She puts 150 percent into every performance … Continue reading 5 REASONS: Why Beyonce is the Queen of Performers
HOW TO CONQUER A COLD - I’ve come down with a horrible cold this week – you know one of those nasty ones where your throat feels like glass, then your nose is streaming, your head feels like a pressure cooker and before you know it your coughing like the cookie monster! But I really think I am managing to get … Continue reading HOW TO CONQUER A COLD
Fitness Fashion Wish List - So I am a great believer that buying a few nice sporty clothes is a really great way to motivate yourself towards your fitness goals. Awesome sports clothes make you feel more confident and can make getting into shape more fun, if you can reward yourself with something nice. So as January inevitably sees loads … Continue reading Fitness Fashion Wish List
REVIEW: Lush Haul - Okay so Lush is fast becoming my go-to shop for all vegan toiletries. Of course they are fabulous because the vast majority of their products are clearly labelled vegan and they all smell delicious and are made from natural products. And all the staff are lovely and they really know about all the ingredients, they’re … Continue reading REVIEW: Lush Haul
Amazing Game: CELEBRITY BUCKET - This is probably my favourite game ever to play with a group! We play it every christmas and I always play it with my best friends and new friends I’ve met have loved it straight away. No fancy equipment needed and it is just so funny for everyone and really gets everybody in the group … Continue reading Amazing Game: CELEBRITY BUCKET
REVIEW: B. Vegan Beauty Range - Right, so as a vegan I have become even more aware of the fact that many beauty brands are heavily involved in cosmetics testing on animals and even if they don’t do this, may have animal products in them. But I was finding it really hard to find anything that wasn’t super expensive or had … Continue reading REVIEW: B. Vegan Beauty Range
10 REASONS: to run with a friend - Okay so I used to hate running – I managed to get out of every class where we did 1500 metres at my school! But last year I decided to really try and change my attitude to running and get fit. I made a lot of progress but although I appreciated my fitness levels going … Continue reading 10 REASONS: to run with a friend
10 REASONS: to love Zumba - I used to really hate exercise (like of any kind!), obviously I knew I needed to do it and wanted to be able to have fun doing it, but I really couldn’t understand people who actually enjoyed exercise. But my whole outlook (and fitness levels) changed when I found Zumba! I have been an avid … Continue reading 10 REASONS: to love Zumba
REVIEW: LORD OF THE RINGS TRIVIAL PURSUIT - So one of the best Christmas presents I received this year was without a doubt the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit Board Game! So I shall tell you what I thought.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - Dear Reader, Welcome! Join Sunny Kitty’s journey that begins here. There are still seven minutes left of 1st January 2016 so this post still counts as being on the first day of 2016.