LAZY PERSON’S GARLIC GUIDE - Garlic is one of the best, best ingredients out there! It adds insane flavour to pretty much everything BUT preparing it can be one hell of a fiddly, time-consuming process, and I find even with a garlic crusher it still seems an effort to me. So for all those foodies who ain’t got time to … Continue reading LAZY PERSON’S GARLIC GUIDE
PRET SOARS TO NEW VEGAN HEIGHTS! - Okay – so I am already a huge fan of Pret A┬áManger (see here) and their commitment to providing a range of vegan options and generally their being a very ethical and sustainable company. However, they have now gone even further – they are basically so veggie/vegan friendly that they are having to remind meat-eaters … Continue reading PRET SOARS TO NEW VEGAN HEIGHTS!
VEGAN IN ANDALUCIA: Part 1 - So I am currently in sunny Spain, the sun is beaming down, the birds are tweeting and I feel wonderfully relaxed. Spain is pretty hit and miss when it comes to vegans and you can often find yourself in the miss zone, if you don’t know where to go or what to ask for. So … Continue reading VEGAN IN ANDALUCIA: Part 1
RECIPE: Vegan Mac-n-Cheese - This is the comfort food of the century! Filling, tasty, cheesy, warm, straight out of the oven – macaroni cheese is everything that you want from a lazy evening at home. In the past, my vegan macaroni cheeses have dried out in the oven and I’ve basically realised the trick is to make loads and … Continue reading RECIPE: Vegan Mac-n-Cheese
RECIPE: Roast Sweet Potato Spring Salad - Here is a wonderful salad recipe for spring, you’ve still got a touch of warming root vegetables but you have the lightness of salad greens to get you in the mood for summer. This salad is so easy to throw together, looks really tasty and has plenty of protein and fibre…
RECIPE: SUMMER SHARING BOARD - I was feeling quite uninspired about my lunch and was wondering how I could make it more appetising, when I realised that all my favourite salad bowls were dirty. However this spawned inspiration as I suddenly thought, wouldn’t it be nice to make a sharing board for everyone at home instead. I am so pleased … Continue reading RECIPE: SUMMER SHARING BOARD
RECIPE: Vegan Victoria Sponge - Oh what a time to be alive! When one can make a Victoria Sponge with no dairy, no egg, no cruelty to animals and it actually tastes amazing!!! I’ve adapted this recipe from one I found from Tesco of all sources, and it is awesome. A wonderfully british cake – perfect for summer which is … Continue reading RECIPE: Vegan Victoria Sponge
RECIPE: Homemade Vegan Cheese - I love cooking but I never thought I’d get to the stage where I could make my own cheese!! I got this from veganlife magazine but changed the nuts involved to cashews – my favourite for cheese. The great thing about being vegan – is that it is far easier to make vegan cheese than … Continue reading RECIPE: Homemade Vegan Cheese
Review: Vegan Cheesly Toastie - Since becoming vegan, the one thing I didn’t realise I had been missing out on until today was cheese toasties. But thanks to some awesome vegan cheese, I can once again enjoy grilled cheese…
REVIEW: Vegan Quorn Burgers! - So Quorn launched a vegan line at the beginning of this year! I know, amazing! Currently they only have two things, but I’m hoping they will expand over time because Quorn is such a great protein sauce, super tasty and crucially, it can be bought from normal supermarkets, so it makes veganism that bit easier. … Continue reading REVIEW: Vegan Quorn Burgers!
REVIEW: Sunbites Crackers - The other day I was in Boots and I really wanted a mid-afternoon snack that was not merely crisps – then my gaze landed on these Sunbites crackers – what a vegan find!
ZIZZI’S VEGAN REVOLUTION – Vegan Cheese - OMG!!!!!!!!!! I went to Zizzi for lunch today, expecting to order something kind of boring like a tomato-based pasta dish – then I got the best shock of my life. They now have vegan cheese which you can put on your pizza!!!!!!!! Zizzi my love for you is immeasurable!
Review: Vegan at Nandos - I went for lunch at Nandos today – turns out you can get some decent vegan fare there and for a very reasonable price too:
RECIPE: QUICK VEGAN CHOCOLATE SAUCE - I was really craving something sweet the other day but had no proper treats in the house, so I rummaged through my cupboard and found the ingredients to make a chocolate sauce. I then just poured it on fruit, cereal and biscuits and it was so delicious. If you want a sweet fix, this is … Continue reading RECIPE: QUICK VEGAN CHOCOLATE SAUCE
REVIEW: Another Vegan Pret Special - Pret are one of the best mainstream lunch options for vegans out there, but they have surpassed themselves yet again. Not only do they still provide their vegan sandwich, salad and soups, but they have released yet another special sandwich that is vegan…
REVIEW: Vegan Salads at Marks and Spencer - Whilst some supermarkets are really amazingly good at providing for vegans, Marks and Spencer is generally extremely poor. They provide no sandwiches that are vegan (despite having loads that nearly are such as falafel, houmous and avocado). However, they do actually have some great vegan meals, you just need to know where to find them…
REVIEW: Vegan at Giraffe - Yesterday I went for lunch at giraffe and I was pleasantly surprised with the choices of what I could have. They have a lot of things that are vegan or can easily be made vegan with very little effort and I had a delicious and filling meal…
RECIPE: Vegan Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding - This is the most amazing, decadent, fabulous chocolate desert ever!! It is super easy to make, it’s warm, gooey, rich and fabulous! All my friends who aren’t vegan went back for seconds (the true test of a vegan dish) – I just cannot rave enough about this cake, so I must share it with everyone!
REVIEW: Pret Vegan Lunch - Pret is generally one of the best chain places for a vegan to get a quick, healthy grab and go lunch. They do awesome falafel salads and a super greens sandwich. But today they excelled in vegan options and I had a delicious, filling meal…
VEGAN BISCUIT DECORATING KIT - As I child I would always go round to my friend’s house every Saturday and we would often end up helping her mum to decorate cakes and biscuits for some kind of cake sale. Today I was in a rush and was thinking of a fun thing to do with some friends, so I put … Continue reading VEGAN BISCUIT DECORATING KIT
RECIPE: Easy Vegan Banana Bread - I have been craving banana bread for two weeks now and I’ve finally got round to making it! I don’t know why I didn’t make it straight away – as it is actually so easy and quick. This recipe doesn’t require any fancy ingredients and makes one hell of a banana loaf…
RECIPE: Sundried Tomato and Bean Dip - This light and refreshing dip, is super easy and only requires 5 ingredients!! It is 100 percent vegan and a great protein kick from the beans and an iron boost from the sundried tomatoes. You can dip in pitta and bread, serve it on salad or on top of rice and stew. Delicious!!
MOVE OVER COURGETTI, SQUASHETTI IS WHERE IT’S AT - So this new healthy trend of substituting vegetables for pasta has been everywhere – but I could not be bothered with getting a spiralizer and making the stuff myself. Turns out the supermarkets are 100 percent on trend as you can buy it ready made!! Props to them for being excellent consumer researchers. But here’s … Continue reading MOVE OVER COURGETTI, SQUASHETTI IS WHERE IT’S AT
REVIEW: Vegan Boots Meal Deal - So I was in boots just to buy a hairbrush and then I was going to go and find lunch elsewhere – when it suddenly occurred to me that Boots do a really good meal deal. So I thought I would see if they did anything vegan and I found some really awesome stuff…
RECIPE: Mushroom, Pepper and Bean Chilli - This is all you want and more for a filling and warming meal, that’s full of flavour! It’s easy and quick enough that you can make it as a mid-week supper, but you can also make a big batch to freeze over the weekend and you’ve got your week’s lunch sorted – put it in … Continue reading RECIPE: Mushroom, Pepper and Bean Chilli
Accidentally Vegan Products of the Week: BBQ MEXICAN SNACKS - So this week I’ve been really craving savoury snack food – nuts, bites and crisps have been all I want. Especially to pair with yummy dips. So here’s my list of the best vegan bbq, tex mex style treats that you can get from your local corner shop or supermarket!
RECIPE: Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chickpea Winter Warmer - Yesterday was a pretty bleak and miserable day of cold and windy weather – so I knew I wanted something warm and filling in the evening. I made this in about 20 minutes and it ticked all the boxes. Full of flavour, filling and easy. So for a quick but hearty stew for the winter … Continue reading RECIPE: Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chickpea Winter Warmer
TOP 5 VEGAN GRAB-AND-GO CHAINS FOR A QUICK LUNCH - You’ve only got 30 minutes to find some lunch, there are no supermarkets nearby – as a vegan the world seems bleak. But never fear – coffee and sandwich shops have actually got a surprisingly good amount of vegan stuff out there and they’re mostly very clearly labelled as vegan. You just need to go … Continue reading TOP 5 VEGAN GRAB-AND-GO CHAINS FOR A QUICK LUNCH
RECIPE: TOFU STIR FRY RICE - The other day I went to Wagamama’s and was very inspired by their Yasai Cha Han rice dish – unfortunately it has egg in (although it might be vegan without the egg, will check). Anyway I was suddenly craving a really lovely big bowl of sticky rice with lots of veg and soy sauce – … Continue reading RECIPE: TOFU STIR FRY RICE
RECIPE: Vegan Crepes - Okay so I know that pancake day has just passed – but I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to make good vegan pancakes, so I wasn’t too excited about it. Turns out – vegan pancakes are one of the easiest things you could possibly make and now I just want to have pancakes all … Continue reading RECIPE: Vegan Crepes
Accidentally Vegan Products of the Week: Pies and Tarts - All the time I discover supermarket products that I assumed would not be vegan but by some miracle actually are. So I thought I would document the new things I find each week – as knowing that you can satisfy your sweet craving in Sainbury’s, not just your local health food shop which only does … Continue reading Accidentally Vegan Products of the Week: Pies and Tarts
5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans - Pizza Express is rapidly becoming one of my go to chain restaurants if I want a good vegan meal out. It’s great because my friends don’t mind going there either and they often have loads of deals which makes eating out really cheap. Obviously they’re food is delicious and they have a great atmosphere, but … Continue reading 5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans
REVIEW: Amazing Vegan Hot Chocolate - I am a huge hot chocolate fan (I have so much each week, it is bad!) and I was given hot chocolate from Whittard’s as a present and this is without a doubt one of the best hot chocolate mixture’s I have ever owned! It is lovely and indulgent without being sickly sweet and it … Continue reading REVIEW: Amazing Vegan Hot Chocolate
REVIEW: Vegan Graze Snacks - So I was in Sainsbury’s today and all my friends were getting sweet treats with their sandwiches – there was me thinking I’ll get an apple or something. Then I spotted graze boxes which are now apparently sold in stores, not just online. There were two flavours that had no diary or egg ingredients, so … Continue reading REVIEW: Vegan Graze Snacks
RECIPE: Sweet Potato Lemon-Herb Quinoa - I’ve really got into quinoa lately as I’ve finally realised how to cook it well, so it comes out all fluffy and delicious. Quinoa is a fantastic protein source and it’s particularly good as part of a weight-loss plan because it is actually a legume not a carbohydrate, so makes you feel fuller for longer. … Continue reading RECIPE: Sweet Potato Lemon-Herb Quinoa
RECIPE: QUICK, EASY FALAFELS!! - Falafel – together with houmous and kale it makes up the holy trinity of vegan foodstuffs. I LOVE falafels so much but I have never really got down to making them, which is silly because they’re actually super easy – you can just chuck everything into the blender. I used to think they were really … Continue reading RECIPE: QUICK, EASY FALAFELS!!
REVIEW: VEGAN HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE BAR - OMG I bought this chocolate bar today at my local health foods store and it is quite potentially the best dairy-free chocolate bar I’ve ever had! I know – quite a statement…
RECIPE: White Chocolate Oat Peanut Butter Cups - Have you ever craved something so sweet so badly but had no real dessert or sweet ingredients in your cupboard? That was totally me yesterday evening, I realised I had a bar of vegan white chocolate and in desperation created these white chocolate oat things from what I had and I have to say they … Continue reading RECIPE: White Chocolate Oat Peanut Butter Cups
RECIPE: VEGAN KORMA - I love korma so much – even though I love a lot of Indian food, I always come back to the classic that is that creamy, full of flavour korma. Until now I have never been able to make a really thick and creamy korma sauce, but the revelation that is cashew cream has allowed … Continue reading RECIPE: VEGAN KORMA
RECIPE: Perfect Boiled Rice - For years I felt that producing lovely separate, fluffy grains of rice was an enigma that could never be solved. But for the last couple of years I have perfected a recipe that consistently delivers beautiful separate grains of rice and can also be applied to a lot of other grains! All you need is … Continue reading RECIPE: Perfect Boiled Rice
RECIPE: Perfect Porridge - After an early run this morning I wanted something filling and warming following the cold outdoors – this porridge does the trick every time! I often find that cereal or toast never fills me up for long, even if I pile on fruit and nuts my stomach is rumbling soon after 11am. Never with porridge … Continue reading RECIPE: Perfect Porridge
RECIPE: SWEET POTATO AND CHICKPEA CURRY - As winter finally really seems to be setting in and I’m currently wearing three jumpers, I thought it was time to make a lovely warming curry. This blend of sweet potato and indulgent coconut cream comes out a dream for a dreary day. Enjoy!
10 REASONS: why peanut butter rules all the spreads! - Be it breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner or supper – read on to learn why peanut butter is the spread for any and every occasion!
REVIEW: Coca-Cola ranked best to worst - Right okay, so obviously coke is really bad for you and we probably shouldn’t drink it, but regardless we can’t deny it tastes great and we probably all have very strong opinions about which coke tastes the best! Like it tastes totally different in a glass bottle from a can right? So I will rank … Continue reading REVIEW: Coca-Cola ranked best to worst
RECIPE: EASY, PERFECT HOUMOUS! - I have done it! I have worked out the exact proportions of ingredients to make perfect, creamy, tasty houmous every time. Not too garlicky, not saturated with olive oil. Just amazing, creamy goodness (but not too creamy) – just perfect! After years of never being able to make delicious houmous, here is the recipe for … Continue reading RECIPE: EASY, PERFECT HOUMOUS!
REVIEW: Ordering All the Takeaways - Yesterday, my friends and I found ourselves engaging in the standard debate concerning which takeaway to order. Should we go for a creamy indian, a not so creamy chinese or dominos? This involved heated debates and many an impassioned speech using phrases such as “my reasons are threefold”. Until, in a similar vein to the … Continue reading REVIEW: Ordering All the Takeaways