REVIEW: Coca-Cola ranked best to worst

Right okay, so obviously coke is really bad for you and we probably shouldn’t drink it, but regardless we can’t deny it tastes great and we probably all have very strong opinions about which coke tastes the best! Like it tastes totally different in a glass bottle from a can right? So I will rank the best flavours and containers to drink it from. Try all the different ones and trust me – you will taste the difference!



coke normalJust to be clear – original is the only flavour to be considered really. I will rank the other flavours just in terms of which is the least bad, but let’s be honest – original is the only way to go!


coke lifeThis has the closest resemblance in taste to original coke and supposedly has less calories. Okay, but to be clear – coke is unhealthy whichever way you look at it, so this is ranked purely in taste terms.


coca-cola-zeroThis is again the next closest in taste, and apparently has less sugar. But lets not forget that is relative – so basically it is still packed with sugar.


diet cokeUghhhhh! Disgusting, this is the lowest of the low. It is just horrible and I won’t be hearing people who say it tastes better than original. What I mean is everyone is entitled to their opinion, however wrong it may be ha!

n.b. I have not included any fruit or other flavours as I believe them to be unworthy of mention!



coke glassWithout a doubt the king or indeed queen of all coke containers! Coke tastes amazing in a glass bottle. Always a plus and indicator of an excellent restaurant, or you can go all out and buy it in the supermarket as well.

2. THE CAN (330ml)

coke 330Definitely the next best in terms of taste quality and far more likely to be available if you are in dire need and just purchasing from your local shop or a vending machine.

3. THE CAN (150ML)

coke 150I used to think these were for kids and why not? But apparently they’re actually designed as mixer sizes for spirits but whatever. Either way it is a cute size and tastes yummy.


coke 1.75Okay firstly, it used to be 2 litre bottles but now they’re 1.75 litres – okay whatever coca-cola, be that way! But these actually taste alright – especially in plastic cups which is often the case, as this is likely to be a coke size for a gathering or party.


coke 750So, this is where we really experience a significant drop in flavour – something about the plastic really messes with the taste. However, what this one does have going for it is convenience – as you can pop it in your bag for later, which you might not want to do with an open can!

n.b. As an aside – I would like to highlight dispenser coke, like the stuff you get at Nando’s, as my coca-cola guilty pleasure, even though I know it is watered-down rubbish compared to the rest. Sometimes it just tastes really good!


So try these out for yourself and you will (maybe) notice a significant difference in coke tastes depending on flavour and container. Important stuff to try in life!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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