MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Bollywood, Tori Kelly and Amazing Covers

So music for this week is interestingly split between the fantastic sounds of Tori Kelly’s new album, some Bollywood classics that I have rediscovered and an epic live lounge cover! The Bollywood songs just make you want to dance and Tori Kelly’s voice sounds beautiful, as does her whole album which she has really made her own. Enjoy!

Song of the Week: CHAIYYA, CHAIYYA by A.R. Rahman

Okay so this is probably one of the best Bollywood songs of all time/ up there just generally even outside the Bollywood genre. It just makes you want to dance in a big room full of people or out in the streets throwing up dust in the sun. However, my big rediscover of this song is all down to how much I love the video. It was all filmed on a moving train!! And it looks amazing and really is unique. Give it a watch and dance!


Now I was a fan of Tori ever since she brought out the beat boxing video of Thinking Bout You, so I am so glad she has made it! She turned down record companies like 3 times until she was sure they would let her be her! Okay so first off the namesake UNBREAKABLE SMILE really sums up the feel of this album – hopeful, honest, brilliant! It is such a smooth song to listen to – definitely put it on when you’re driving and you just want to forget about the haters.

Next is probably the biggest hit from the album – NOBODY LOVE. This is mainly so you can hear her amazing voice in the bridge. It is also a lovely, joyful, carefree song and the end instrumental can only leave you feeling great! SHOULD’VE BEEN US – the other major hit is also great for its amazing verse which you just sink into straight away with her backing singing over the top.

Next we enter the super chill, easy-listening songs such as CALIFORNIA LOVERS. This is just all about soaking up the sun, living while your young, all out of alliteration now haha. Love it!

It’s all great but other songs of note are CITY DOVE which is beautiful and TALK if only for the last minute of the song which is a super chill instrumental. So in conclusion – this album is full of uplifting, amazing music all topped off with her lovely voice and passion for what she does!



Such a great beat. Danced to it in Zumba and fell in love! The chorus is really what this is all about – again something about great Bollywood songs just makes you want to jump up and down a lot. Not sure about the video though.


This is amazing from start to finish! He totally switches up the vibe of this piece to basically an awesome jam session. Particularly fantastic is his spot on rap section and the amazing chords that fit the chorus! Ah man, I’m just listening to this over and over now.

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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