I’ve come down with a horrible cold this week – you know one of those nasty ones where your throat feels like glass, then your nose is streaming, your head feels like a pressure cooker and before you know it your coughing like the cookie monster! But I really think I am managing to get through it a lot better than usual by doing a few simple things. So here are my tricks for beating the common cold…

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Falafel – together with houmous and kale it makes up the holy trinity of vegan foodstuffs. I LOVE falafels so much but I have never really got down to making them, which is silly because they’re actually super easy – you can just chuck everything into the blender. I used to think they were really hard to make properly but I’ve found that the right combination of spices and herbs makes a delicious little morsel every time, so here’s my recipe for super easy and quick falafels…

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RECIPE: White Chocolate Oat Peanut Butter Cups

Have you ever craved something so sweet so badly but had no real dessert or sweet ingredients in your cupboard? That was totally me yesterday evening, I realised I had a bar of vegan white chocolate and in desperation created these white chocolate oat things from what I had and I have to say they are actually so yummy – my non-vegan friend gave them two thumbs up of approval! So here is a recipe for an insanely quick and easy sweet treat when you basically have no ingredients!

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Fitness Fashion Wish List

So I am a great believer that buying a few nice sporty clothes is a really great way to motivate yourself towards your fitness goals. Awesome sports clothes make you feel more confident and can make getting into shape more fun, if you can reward yourself with something nice. So as January inevitably sees loads of new sports gear in the shops, here are my favourite things to wear for a workout!

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I love korma so much – even though I love a lot of Indian food, I always come back to the classic that is that creamy, full of flavour korma. Until now I have never been able to make a really thick and creamy korma sauce, but the revelation that is cashew cream has allowed me to finally reach my goal!! Continue reading

MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Ellie Goulding,Texas and more Tori Kelly

This week I’ve been listening to sparkly and big music that conjures up images of the starry night sky (hence the picture) and songs that have great builds to huge choruses. I’ve been refinding some amazing stuff particularly in the form of Ellie Goulding’s earlier work and some awesome new stuff from Tori Kelly and Shawn Mendes. So give these a listen to hear some amazing and supersonic sounds!

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