This week I’ve ended up listening to a lot of songs with great guitar bits in them and quite expansive songs that are really full of layers. They’re generally pretty uplifting and great mood boosters!

SONG OF THE WEEK: Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

This is just such a classic song for me, but it’s really relatively unknown by a lot people. It starts very quiet and gradually builds to a fast and furious guitar and banjo chorus, before an absolutely gorgeous verse – it just makes you love life! It is really hard to put into words the way this song makes you feel, so give it a listen – wait for 2.09 please!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay

This album is a riot of colour and creativity as the cover art suggests. I do like a bit of Coldplay but I’ve often felt their music is more for when you’re in a bit of a down mood and want to stew in your juices. But this album has actually got some really uplifting, fun songs. So number 1 for me is Hymn for the Weekend – it has Beyonce on it! But she is not even credited, but it is deffo her! It has a great bridge with huge trumpets and then just bursts out into a fabulous chorus – and I don’t find it depressing, more just meditative.

Next we move on to Adventure Of a Lifetime. Now this is just really fun and makes you want to dance – don’t usually say that about a Coldplay song! I love the guitar riff throughout and the double claps in the percussion at the end of various lines – listen for them, I love them! It’s just great, so fun and it makes you happy! The album’s namesake A Head Full Of Dreams also goes along this vein.

But then you go for the more laid back, slightly more poignant tracks like Everglow where his voice really shines in the chorus – hear him sing the word cold, beautiful – Chris Martin’s voice really is lovely! Or go for the mellow sounds of Fun which is a collaboration with Tove Lo – again very expansive choruses – love it! A great album full of beautiful tracks!


How Much a Dollar Cost – Kendrick Lamar

This song is powerful and musically very soulful with a fabulous bass. It is Obama’s favourite song of 2015 and I can see why. The lyrics are incredibly thought-provoking as he analyses a homeless man’s motivations and our own. The piano and brass are cool but its the way the drums come back in and out that really nails the groove of the song. Tune! I can only get the instrumentals on youtube but find the words – they’re so good.

COVER OF THE WEEK: Promise This – ADELE (Cheryl Cover)

The original song is quite poor I think – Cheryl’s voice isn’t that strong and it’s just a dance track. But Adele makes it gorgeous. Of course her voice makes it amazing but I also love the drums that come in at 2.09 and the on-point backing vocals. Smashed it!

Enjoy the sweet sweet music!!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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