MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Ellie Goulding,Texas and more Tori Kelly

This week I’ve been listening to sparkly and big music that conjures up images of the starry night sky (hence the picture) and songs that have great builds to huge choruses. I’ve been refinding some amazing stuff particularly in the form of Ellie Goulding’s earlier work and some awesome new stuff from Tori Kelly and Shawn Mendes. So give these a listen to hear some amazing and supersonic sounds!

SONG OF THE WEEK: Inner Smile by Texas

I recently heard this song in a shop whilst I was browsing and I couldn’t think where I had heard it before. Eventually I realised it’s the song that plays at the end of Bend it like Beckham, which is a classic, and I had to find out what it was called. Maybe it’s the association with the happy ending of the film, but I just love the feel good sound which really carries throughout the entire song. It just makes you feel so damn good!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Halycon Days by Ellie Goulding

Again this was a process of rediscovery for me, I already had a couple of the songs from this album but listening to the whole thing really shows how great it is as a complete expression of her sound! First up I love My Blood – it has such a soulful verse and then it bursts into a great chorus with big backing vocals and a lovely piano accompaniment that actually makes its sound really hopeful.

Then of course we have the massive hit from this album Anything Could Happen. This really is a lovely, uplifting song and it totally exemplifies her style. She always adds in lots of samples of her voice, which give a lot of her tracks a very etherial quality. Again, it has a lovely piano accompaniment which really gives it a bouncy, happy sound – and again the big choruses of backing singers make it epic.

Then you get the big crashing chords of Figure 8 bringing a greater attack and the deeper sounds of her voice. Or the fantastic electric sounds that come through with Goodness Gracious. I often dislike really electric music if it loses any musicality but this song keeps a lot of harmonies and musical direction. Plus it’s nice and upbeat again. But if you want more laid back and meditative tracks there are plenty, for example JOY. So overall a great album with really cool sounds throughout!


I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

I love the ad-libs that start off this song and continue throughout the chorus, they bring a great flow to the song. The guitars and drums bring a really quick and strong beat to the song. Their voices also really complement each other, as hers is quite sultry and distinctive and his has a lighter tone, which makes their harmonies sound so well balanced! Ah the beat just makes me want to dance.

COVER OF THE WEEK: Crazy by Tori Kelly (Seal Cover)

This is just genius. Personally I am even willing to say I prefer it to the original because she handles it beautifully from start to finish but mainly because the bridge from 3.16 on the video is sensational! She starts off holding back and then lets her full chest voice out as the song rolls, so she creates an amazing build rather than unleashing her fabulous all at once. I wish that you could buy this but at present I just have to watch it on repeat on YouTube.

So I hope you find something to your taste and enjoy the amazing sounds!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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