So the quote of the week is:

Be Yourself. Everybody else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde


This is one of my favourite quotes of all time – it is so simple and says everything about the importance of individuality! Inevitably, to a greater or lesser degree, people compare themselves to each other all the time – it may be on the basis of appearance, intellect, social skills, you name it! We constantly compare ourselves to those around us – in test scores, in what we look like and who likes us. Whilst healthy competition can be good for your ambition and you can be inspired by other people, the minute this becomes self-loathing or depreciation you’ve got to stop.

You are one of a kind! Unique and beautiful and trying to be anything other than yourself is a waste of your own individual potential. Why be a copy of anyone else when you can forge your own special identity. You were born unique and you should cherish this basic fact always!


I think that you’ve got to think about this all the time, because comparing yourself to others is so common-place in our society. Whenever you think about how much you want to be like someone else or have what they have, remind yourself about what you have that is unique and what you value about yourself!

However, I also don’t think you should completely divorce yourself from thinking about other people and what useful important things you can learn from them. But crucially you should always be the focus of that improvement – if someone looks or does something a certain way that you think would benefit you and those around you, then by all means try and use that in your life. But only ever use it to add to your own essence and never as a means to try and replicate someone else in place of yourself.

Most importantly feel comfortable in your own skin, because it is your own and no one else is ever going to be quite like you! Embrace your difference and be proud of what sets you apart from everyone else. Don’t deny the beautiful, unique part of you but embrace it!

“I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me!”… (good old Selena)

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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