REVIEW: Vegan Graze Snacks

So I was in Sainsbury’s today and all my friends were getting sweet treats with their sandwiches – there was me thinking I’ll get an apple or something. Then I spotted graze boxes which are now apparently sold in stores, not just online. There were two flavours that had no diary or egg ingredients, so obviously I got them and they were pretty darn good!


This was the star product. You get three decently-sized flapjacks in there and they’re filled with tasty nuts and fruit. Now I am of the opinion that the key to the flapjack is its golden syrup concentration. In fact I feel the common flapjack is often underestimated in the baking world for the simple fact that most bought flapjacks or even homemade ones do not add enough golden syrup to produce a lovely sticky and sweet treat. Graze have hit this conundrum on the head and produced a beautifully gooey and syrupy flapjack! Well done Graze!


Tastiness: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


Now just to be clear – this is not in league with the flapjack, that’s not to say it isn’t nice but it is just not the same kind of treat at all. In this you get these massive dark chocolate drops with dried red fruits (cherries, cranberries etc.). This is good when you don’t want something super unhealthy but you want more than literally just fruit, so I fully recommend.


Tastiness: 7/10

Value for money: 5/10

At £1.20 a snack box, you need to pick the best treat for your money. So far I would definitely say the flapjack wins. They do offer vegan savoury options like breadsticks and nuts, but I think they are not worth the £1.20 when you could just buy about 3 baguettes for that much.

Another vegan product they sell in stores that I must try is:

Cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack

Let me know if you’ve tried it. But do try the other ones as they are super tasty!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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