Review: Vegan Cheesly Toastie

Since becoming vegan, the one thing I didn’t realise I had been missing out on until today was cheese toasties. But thanks to some awesome vegan cheese, I can once again enjoy grilled cheese…

I used this brand of cheezly mozzarella style cheese and it did not disappoint, it melts properly like normal cheese, which is not always the case with vegan cheese.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 18.49.58

I made mine using a toastie machine, which I thoroughly recommend – it creates a sealed sandwich at the end and is really easy to use. Simply spread the outside of both slices of bread with vegan margarine to grease the outside and then add your filling and cook for three minutes.


I filled mine with vegan cheese with onion and sweetcorn, and vegan cheese with tomato. But the filling options are endless.



So never fear, vegans can enjoy a delicious cheese toastie too!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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  1. The PIE says:

    One thing I’ve really been missing since starting my vegan lifestyle experiment is cheese! Not that I eat a lot of it normally anyway but a veggie bolognese just isn’t the same without some cheese grated on top!!
    Your toastie looks absolutely lush and I was wondering where you find your cheese?! I’ve been looking all over and am yet to find somewhere that sells it! Is is from a local shop or can you find it in supermarkets and if so, which ones?

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    1. Sunny Kitty says:

      I’m exactly the same – people ask me what I miss most and I always reply cheese!! But luckily it is actually pretty easy to get your hands on this stuff. It’s normally always in your local health foods shop, but you can also order it on ocado here: Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. abibunny says:

    Holland & Barrett have lots too or order it from or

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  3. PeverilBlog says:

    Does it taste better than the usual vegan cheeses?
    Most of them are awful and, like you, I rather miss cheese.

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    1. Sunny Kitty says:

      I certainly think it tastes better than most vegan cheeses – it’s a good brand so hopefully you’d like it 🙂

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