MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Stromae, Sia and Oh Wonder

This week we enter the sphere of french/belgian pop – and let me tell you, the UK is missing out! Awesome, unique sounds and funky music videos. We’ve also got some great mellow singles and covers of some classics. Stay tuned…

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Technicolour Beat – Oh Wonder

This song just builds perfectly – it’s the kind of song that you listen to when your lying on the sofa and it’s a cloudy day. The words are cool and a little different. But most importantly the chords really fill the room at the end, with some chilling synth sounds as well – give it a listen.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Racine Carrée – Stromae

I have found and immediately love Stromae – his songs are infectious but most importantly he retains a great french sound to a lot of his music. This is actually his third album, but it just has such amazing tunes. My favourite is Papaoutai – the chorus is electrifying, you feel like your at a carnival or something – awesome beats!

Then mainly for the coolness of the video, we have Tous Les Mêmes – he plays a man and a woman and it is amazing. But also, this just sounds so beautifully french – with the piano and the trumpets, a super smooth riff fills the chorus. Such a funky sound.

Then another of my absolute favourites – Ave Cesaria. The ukele and the accordion in this make this song. That and the clapping as percussion – I love this sound, it just makes you want to dance in the streets.

This album is fantastic and fearless – you must listen to these awesome sounds!

RUNNER UP SINGLE: Cheap Thrills – Sia

This has a really funky sound and I like the crowd chant in the chorus. I can find some of Sia’s songs to be a bit screechy, so this one is a pleasant surprise because she has an awesome voice and sings this effortlessly. Her version and the version with Sean Paul are both good.

COVER OF THE WEEK: Crazy in Love – Beyonce

This is a super chill and fun take on a classic. Whilst the original is all guns blazing and full of sass, this takes a backseat and just stews in the great chord progressions. The keyboard and electric guitar give it a really funky sound and they properly jam out at the end.

So here’s some music to take you through Easter and into the holidays!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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