REVIEW: Vegan Salads at Marks and Spencer

Whilst some supermarkets are really amazingly good at providing for vegans, Marks and Spencer is generally extremely poor. They provide no sandwiches that are vegan (despite having loads that nearly are such as falafel, houmous and avocado). However, they do actually have some great vegan meals, you just need to know where to find them…

Whilst they do not have any vegan meals in the obvious lunch section, if you delve further into their aisles, amongst the salad leaves and tomatoes, you will find their selection of salad pots.

However, these are not your usual salad pot of couscous, pasta or potato salad, instead there is an amazing range of options, of which a surprising amount are vegan. Notably a lot of the pots are also extremely high in protein, because they have quinoa, barley, nuts and soybeans in them.


Amongst the many that are vegan, my two favourites are:


This has a lovely citrus and herb taste, and is really comforting with the chunky couscous pieces and the tasty chickpeas.


This is a protein explosion with quinoa, nuts and peas. The dressing is delicious and this leaves you feeling extremely full by the end.

So, when you are next in Marks and Spencer and lamenting the lack of vegan options, make your way towards the salad pots and you will be rewarded!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty

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