As I child I would always go round to my friend’s house every Saturday and we would often end up helping her mum to decorate cakes and biscuits for some kind of cake sale. Today I was in a rush and was thinking of a fun thing to do with some friends, so I put together this vegan biscuit decorating kit that worked out a treat (if you’ll excuse the pun)…


  • Sainsbury’s Oaty Biscuits/ Plain Hobnobs (any vegan biscuits)
  • Icing sugar (most packs are vegan but check the ingredients – Sainsbury’s icing sugar is vegan)
  • Sainsbury’s Glitter Writing Icing 4x19g tubes


  • Mix the icing sugar with enough cold water to make a thick paste. Add the water gradually, as you don’t want it to be so runny that it drips over the biscuits. (But if you add too much water, just add more icing sugar until it is a thick paste again.)
  • Spoon and spread the icing sugar onto your biscuits and leave for an hour or so to dry.
  • Get drawing with the writing icing.



This is great fun for kids and adults alike – you can draw flowers, animals, letters, whatever you like! So get going!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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  1. April says:

    Love this idea! I enjoy icing cakes and things when I make them, but never thought about just buying plain things and decorating them – sounds fun! xx

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    1. Sunny Kitty says:

      It is surprisingly fun and really good for when you’re in a hurry but want to do something a bit different with friends 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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