5 REASONS: Why Beyonce is the Queen of Performers

Okay so in honour of Beyonce’s kick-ass Super Bowl performance last weekend, I have compiled my absolute favourite videos of her performances to show why she is truly Queen Bey! Beyonce is a triple threat, she can sing, dance and act – and her shows are always phenomenal! She puts 150 percent into every performance and she has so much confidence, she just inspires people everywhere. Plus she’s vegan so she’s automatically awesome! So watch these killer performances and bow down b*tches!


Who run the world? Beyonce, thats who! If she ran for president, I would follow her blindly – her speech at the beginning, just wow! Her catching all the graphics on the screen behind her. But more than anything this shows that she doesn’t even need her amazing backing dancers – she can still steal the show all on her lonesome! Female power anthem!!


We’ve had sasha fierce, enter pregnant mellow Beyonce. She can dance like that, in heels and be about to give birth – she is not of this world! Effortless dancing and singing – her vocal range and power is on point.


This song is awesome anyway even just on headphones, her dancers are absolutely killing it and love the way the choreography matches the words. Also love the horns in the chorus. Such a great showcase of her amazing live band and of course her amazingness yet again.


This is Beyonce being flawless – she’s knows it, we know it. Her costume is the most amazing, shiny thing ever. She knows that she runs the music world. Her dancing is fierce and sharp! And she is just such a leader for women and girls in self confidence! What a machine!


And finally – the best performance of all time! She gets the party started with crazy in love like nothing else. Her clicks and flicks to the beat of end of time are on point. She goes retro with Baby Boy. But it all goes down when….really don’t want to spoil the surprise…..but okay Kelly and Michelle!!!!! And they kill it – the dancing, the singing, the sass. Then she tops it all off with belting out Halo. Oh My – how can any Super Bowl every surpass this, how can any performer tbh!

So there we have it – Queen Bey is flawless and these videos just remind us why she runs the world!

Lots of love,

Sunny kitty


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