MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Selena Gomez, Coldplay and Rixton

This week I’ve found some older classics and got pretty hooked on Selena’s new album. Beyond her singles – the rest of the album has some really great songs. So this week is about a lot of big synths and big sounds that make you feel like you’re on the edge of the ocean, ready to take the plunge – listen on…

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Princess of China – Coldplay ft. Rihanna

So for some reason, I never really listened to this properly when it came out. I think I might have been travelling but either way I missed out. I love the way it switches throughout from major to minor – it has awesome electric sounds but maintains a beautiful piano accompaniment throughout. Also Rihanna’s voice sounds amazing and it has a really dramatic ending!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Revival – Selena Gomez

This album is wonderfully cohesive throughout, Selena doesn’t have an amazing range but I don’t think it matters because her voice has a lovely sultry quality to it and a really nice husky tone particularly in her lower register. So my favourite song of the album is actually Me and the Rhythm as its chorus is just beautiful, the ascending scales really bring out the best in her voice and you just want to dance. I also love the steel drums at the beginning.

Then we cannot go on without mentioning the hit Good for You – this track is really powerful. She sounds amazing in it – and the bass attacks at the beginning of each verse and chorus so you really feel immersed in the song. In a similar vein you get Same Old Love which also has a great drop in the chorus. Plus the bridge at the end builds really well – a great song!

But then for another of my favourites, way at the end of the album is Outta My Hands (Loco) – the guitars are amazing! I love the way the music drops in and out throughout and the way she drops to her really low sultry voice at the end of each line in the chorus.

A really unique style that you don’t get in many albums these days. All in all a great album full of sexy, sultry music and oozing confidence and class!



I always seem to dislike One Direction songs when they first come out and then rediscover them and decide I do like them a year later. I do actually like this song – as their chorus is so rocky and cool. The guitar and drums are perfect and I like this style for the group. Plus the vocals for the final chorus are pretty impressive!

COVER OF THE WEEK: I Knew You Were Trouble – Rixton (Taylor Swift Cover)

This cover is awesome – Rixton show that they are actually really good musicians and their lead singer’s voice is lovely. What I love is the way they even change the lyrics so that it is actually a response from the man who is the subject of Taylor’s original version. And when they hit the ohs and bring out the drums in the chorus I get goosebumps!

So I hope you find something to brighten up your weekend!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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