So one of the best Christmas presents I received this year was without a doubt the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit Board Game! So I shall tell you what I thought.


It was particularly amazing as I had not asked for it! Now, I had already played it when my friend got it last year but I was starting to worry about who would get custody of her game if heaven forbid something awful were to happen to her. So I am now heartily glad to have one to call my own! Particularly when you can only basically buy used ones on Amazon and they’re still like 50 quid. However I think it is totally worth the investment for proper fans and I will now tell you why.

Okay – so the main reason it is such a good game is because the question difficulty is spot on! Unlike Harry Potter trivial pursuit which is way too easy! Or James Bond trivial pursuit which is doable but really quite hard unless you watch all 20+ films in good detail (but tbh it’s probably my failings not the questions). But the Lord of the Rings questions are difficult enough that you have to pause on some questions and give them a good think. But most importantly, I am able to get a majority of questions right because I know the films so well, but because they are so obscure you gain great satisfaction from being so sad (/amazingly awesome) and knowing the exact quote and intonation it is said in when you answer.


Here you can see the level of difficulty. Question 1 – obviously butter nice and easy. Question 2 – horseback etc. But you might need to think a little about 4 for example. (It’s hobbiton) But then you’ve got Question 6 which you are unlikely to know unless you’ve trawled through the extended edition special features – I’ve got pretty far. Did you know there were two people employed for the sole purpose of attaching tiny rings together to make authentic chain-mail for the armies – Peter Jackson goes hard or goes home! So NOTE: these questions refer to the extended editions of the films but tbh if you don’t own the extended editions – Why are you even here?

So that brings me to the categories – you get a nice variety. From the top of the card down it’s Good Characters, Evil Characters, Things, Places and History, Warfare and then the Sport and Leisure equivalent: Making of the Films i.e. try to avoid it at all costs except for the wedge question.


What makes it especially nice is the appearance of the whole board. So you get these pewter figurines of Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn and Galadriel – great choices btw and you put your wedges/pies in the bottom. Also they provide the one ring (straight from the fires of Mt. Doom) and a ring wraith, then when you get a wedge you get to wear the ring but you then feel the perils of the one ring, as you are followed by the ring wraiths – “they will never stop hunting you”.

So in conclusion, the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit Board Game really is fantastic for fans of the films and it is totally worth the crazy price! So get it, put the soundtrack on in the background to build an atmosphere (adds to the hilarity a lot!) and Enjoy!!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty



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