MUSIC OF THE WEEK: 1D, Carly Rae Jepson and more

So here is my first music of the week post, each week I will post my favourite new single to listen to and runners up and a favourite album. These may be new releases or things I’ve discovered that are actually old. This post seems to have a driving theme – they are all great for the car but also dancing of course. So here we go!

Song of the Week: NO CONTROL – One Direction

I found this song from James Corden’s carpool karaoke, which does seem to vary in comedy factor but generally is pretty great and makes you wish you could drive down a massively wide, American street singing songs at the top of your voice!

It is not new, it is actually from their fourth album, very originally named Four. Now I’m no One Direction crazy fan but I don’t hate them either – but I generally seem to like their medium level of fame songs. I.e. their main hits are super repetitive or overplayed i.e. Steal My Girl (rubbish) or obviously What Makes You Beautiful but their really obscure number 9s and 10s on their albums are also like whatever. I seem to like their relatively well-selling singles like Kiss You and Perfect.

Anyway, I love this song because it is just such a get up and dance song. I’ve been playing it on repeat all this week and every time I hear it I just want to run around and dance. Especially at the very last chorus where there is an instrumental, where you can go all out and just run and jump around the house. Highly recommended! So that’s the single of the week – Enjoy!

Album of the Week: EMOTION – Carly Rae Jepsen

So I did peruse through this album when it first came out and thought it was good but I didn’t come back to it until now when I realised it really is just a kick ass album, which you might not necessarily expect from the person who gave us the viral hit Call Me Maybe.

So the first song I got is the first single Run Away With Me. Ah listening to it now – it is a great tune which sets you right into the 80s vibe which hits you like a neon light the moment you play this album. I love the strong sense of theme that runs through the album, as it really makes you want to buy the whole album and feel like you could just put it on and be happy listening to all the songs on the disc.

Next we move on to the Album’s namesake – Emotion. I think this is probably my favourite song of the album – as it has a really fun, snappy verse followed by a huge, deep synth chorus. Check it.

Okay so then when I came back to the album – I went for two songs which may not have the most insightful lyrics by any means, but they are just such great, feel good songs that I’ll pop links on to them too. So you have Boy Problems – which you can imagine being part of a musical, where girls all dance and chat about their boy dilemnas.

And Let’s Get Lost.I love the chorus, especially the Oooo Oooos at the end! And the Saxophone. Such a driving song!

Okay so those are my favourite songs but don’t worry there are also really cool slow jam songs like LA Hallucinations, Warm Blood. So just get in the car, maybe even go retro and buy the cd, then put the album on and just jam on!

Runner Up Singles:

ME AND THE RHYTHM – Selena Gomez

I love this song. It has a lovely trance-like quality to the verse and the chorus is pure magic – I love the ascending scales she sings in the chorus. I do love this, so I was wondering why it didn’t win single of the week but I remembered the bridge after the second chorus when she is speaking is like whatever. But all in all, I still love it!

WHERE ARE Ü NOW – Pentatonix (Justin Bieber Cover)

So I do not own the original on my iPod but this cover is amazing – I love the way they slow it down but make it such a jam. Pentatonix are obviously amazing but sometimes they can be too showtuney for my liking, but they get this one spot on!

So there you have it, here’s the music for this week – get listening! Also I started writing this on the 2nd January so it still counts as one post each day, even though it will be posted on the 3rd.

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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