Garlic is one of the best, best ingredients out there! It adds insane flavour to pretty much everything BUT preparing it can be one hell of a fiddly, time-consuming process, and I find even with a garlic crusher it still seems an effort to me. So for all those foodies who ain’t got time to…

REVIEW: Sunbites Crackers

The other day I was in Boots and I really wanted a mid-afternoon snack that was not merely crisps – then my gaze landed on these Sunbites crackers – what a vegan find!

Review: Vegan at Nandos

I went for lunch at Nandos today – turns out you can get some decent vegan fare there and for a very reasonable price too:

REVIEW: Vegan Boots Meal Deal

So I was in boots just to buy a hairbrush and then I was going to go and find lunch elsewhere – when it suddenly occurred to me that Boots do a really good meal deal. So I thought I would see if they did anything vegan and I found some really awesome stuff…