Okay so for a bit of inspiration this week I’m going to talk about the one touch theory. Don’t worry it is not complex at all, it is literally the idea that if you are given a task or you have a small problem to solve, start working at it and when possible complete it straight away. Having this approach everyday really makes you enjoy the rest of your time and feel a sense of accomplishment each day!

So I’ve just always used this, since someone said it to me years ago and I just thought it was a really great idea. Turns out it is actually a legit thing – “One touch time management theory” but I use it for everything in my life, not just in a business sense.


When you are presented with a task to complete, say you need to reply to an email, or call someone up or write a list – do it right then and there and then its just gone! Instead of flagging up an email for later or thinking yeah yeah I’ll do it soon, just do it right now.


If I leave things for later, I find that I can never properly enjoy the rest of my day because most of the time I am aware that I still need to do those things – so they just weigh me down. Leaving them until later never actually makes me feel good, as I know I have to do them eventually. However when I complete the task straight away my whole day really changes. A) I’ve just done something productive so I feel a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day, which is likely to run through till the evening and make me more productive the whole day long. B) When I then chill or chat with friends, eat, whatever it is – I really enjoy that time so much more because I know that I have nothing nagging at me that I really need to do!


So this idea obviously works best with all the small tasks that inevitably rack up through the days and weeks. Just getting each task done straight away means they don’t mount up and so reduces your stress levels throughout the week.

However, I think it is also a great thing to apply to the big things in life too. If you suddenly realise that you want to take a different path in life or want to pursue a dream – get going now! It’s true that big changes or journeys will not happen overnight but they will never happen at all if you always put them off. So I think you should also use one touch theory in your life, so that you always jump into new things and paths that you want to take with your life.


So there it is, my hopefully useful little piece of advice for how to make the best out of your time and get rid of the stress weighing you down. Do things straight away and as they come for a brighter outlook every day!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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