MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Florence and the Machine, Jack Garratt and more

So this week I’ve been enjoying really awe-inspiring, philosophical and oddly uplifting music. So a very lovely combination of songs that make you think – Oh wow life is really amazing and big and crazy but great. And lovely big choruses with booming drums, orchestras and mainly fantastic choirs in the overlays. Then there’s also been some excellent covers too, so give these a listen for some wonderful tunes…

SONG OF THE WEEK: Weathered by Jack Garratt

Okay so if ever there were a song that builds into a volcanic eruption of emotional amazingness, it is this one. From the beautiful choral beginnings to the synth drums and electric feel to the verses and then the calm bridge before the amazing symphony at the end – this is glorious! When I really get goosebumps (I actually got real ones the first time I heard it) is the amazing bridge towards the end (3.16 on the video), where the choir builds to a massive crescendo and then he belts out the chorus. Just a wonderful piece from start to finish – you have to listen to this!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence and the Machine

So speaking of amazing choral backing and crescendos, Jack Garratt’s song brought me back to one of my favourite albums of 2015 by Florence and the Machine. This album is really much more upbeat and positive than her previous albums which I really like. Her haunting songs are masterpieces but I love this more uplifting side to her music. So my favourite song is without a doubt DELILAH. It just builds up to an electric feeling right from the end of the first verse – the fantastic choir backing and big drums brings it. You just want to run and dance and spin around in the air. Amazing – probably my favourite of all her songs!

Then you get the more chilled but still really uplifting songs that really get you dreaming like the namesake HOW BIG, HOW BLUE, HOW BEAUTIFUL. This just sucks you in and you just want to lie down and praise the stars that you’re alive on such a wonderful planet. To me it just feels like such a celebration of the big wide world and all its wonders. The brass really gives it a heavenly quality.

Speaking of amazing brass sounds you have QUEEN OF PEACE, which is just a fantastic tune to listen to, with such a great pace that just carries you right through the song. Similarly, WHAT KIND OF MAN really has a fantastic beat and backing that gives it an awesome attack from start to finish. But then some of the beauties of the album are some of the deep slow songs as well like LONG & LOST which has lovely rolling roars from the choir in the chorus and a beautiful bass part throughout. As usual the choral backing really brings the fantastic quality to Florence and the Machine but this album brings plenty of sunshine too. Tick and Tick!



This has a lovely chill sound with a really funky beat in the verses. Then the beat just kicks in at the chorus and there’s a great drone note throughout. I just love the way he mixes up the rhythm (especially at the end) and brings the beat in and out. He’s just really inventive and brings together great genres, plus his voice has a lovely tone.


So this is just fabulous from the very beginning with the piano entry. I love the completely different feel that Kelly brings to this song. Also her voice just kills it, so effortless and rich. Bring that second verse Kelly! Ah man she is just amazing – listening to this on repeat, love it!

So there you go – enjoy a great week of music!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty





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