The quote of the week is:

You only live once?


You live everyday.

You only die once.


We’re always hearing about YOLO, in all contexts – my friend once told a woman in the bathroom that there was no more toilet paper, the response? YOLO (taking it a bit too far if you ask me ha!). But this quote turns it on its head in a wonderful way!


What I love about this quote is that it might seem pedantic – just a switch of words, but actually it is far more practical than YOLO. Often saying “you only live once” is a great phrase for a specific situation, to make you take an opportunity but it can get lost when we view our lives as a whole.

For me what is key is that you live everyday. Your lived isn’t defined by a mistake you made once, or a bad day you had once, or a anything else you did once! Instead you have the chance to reach for the sky every single day and it is never too late to take an opportunity.

As the quote reminds us, we can only be certain that we die once (generally) – and instead we are blessed by being able to live over and over again each day.


I think this quote really encourages us not to dwell on mistakes or fall into a trap of thinking that when we’ve failed or tried something once we don’t get another shot. Instead we must always think positively and know that whilst death is full of certainty, life is full of uncertainty and opportunity and we can change our world for ourselves and others each day.

So if you’ve made a mistake today, try again tomorrow. If you once followed a cake recipe and it was a huge fail, try another one this weekend. And of course enjoy your life with those around you each day – by always living your days with laughter and love.

So if you hit a barrier, keep at it, realise all the possibilities in life everyday and remember (at 4.19) …

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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