J.K. Rowling knows what she is chatting about, so here is just one of the many fabulous lines from Harry Potter:

It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Album Dumbledore


This is a wonderful quote to install courage and self confidence in all of us, and to show that what really matters isn’t always a matter of skill or intelligence but the power to be brave, to love and to be kind!

Dumbledore is saying it doesn’t matter if someone has the highest test scores, or can run the fastest lap if what they do with that ability is evil (i.e. Voldemort). Instead it is our actions that count, for instance Neville is not the brightest of the bunch but I think we can agree that his courage, loyalty and kindness make him far the better person of the two!

So we must not judge people by their thoughts and wishes, but instead how they choose to act upon their knowledge, as that is what affects the world! People’s decisions show who they really are – if a person with no expertise or a professional doctor saves a child from a burning building – it is their choice that shows who they truly are, not their knowledge or lack of.


Firstly, I think this should give people the courage to follow through on their ideas. We can think of an amazing solution for our world or ourselves but if we do not follow through and act on our thoughts, then it does not make any difference to the world.

We should also make sure that we recognise people’s achievements based on their choices not their ability. It is easy to revere someone with a university degree or a successful business, but we must also show our appreciation and encourage people who choose to do good things everyday.

However, this quote also tells us not to beat ourselves up if we can’t get that one question in a test or we are struggling with our work. What matters most is how we act in life and the effort we put in, not our ability to solve a problem.

So we must follow Dumbledore’s advice and see the merit in people not just through their abilities or knowledge but through their actions and the love they spread to others – as that is what truly defines us and makes us truly unique!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty




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