Here’s this week’s inspirational quote:

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

William Shakespeare


This wonderful quote from the master of words, in only a sentence has the ability to capture an awful lot about empowerment. We may often feel like we cannot change the course of our future, but all the strength we need can be found within.

The stars do not hold our life’s path (whatever horoscopes may say). The government, our teachers, our boss cannot stop us from doing whatever we want to do – the only thing that stands in the way of striving towards our desired goals is us!

Perhaps a blessing and a curse, you are your own worst enemy. But once you realise that, this quote sets you free to follow whichever journey you choose in life!

p.s. listen to this whilst reading for inspiration (Natasha knows)…


You may feel like you can’t shake a certain path in your life – be it your job, your diet, the way you feel but it is your life and you can change it! So whenever you feel that you can’t change the way things are, realise that a change in mindset and jumping head into new adventures is all you need to redirect yourself to better things.

With this knowledge, you must also remind other people who might feel trapped that they can break free and pursue their own happiness. So you can help someone else to rediscover their own power.

Next time you are feeling down or wish you could change aspects of your life – head straight out of the door and make it happen. Be it baby steps or a major 180 degree turn in your life – do what makes you happy!

If you wish for more in life, don’t dream it, change it, pursue it and realise that you truly do have the power to shape your own destiny and happiness!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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