MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Jack Garratt, Dido and Lorde

This week has been a very mixed music week for me – but it has been mainly dominated by Jack Garratt’s new album, which is just phenomenal!! I’ve also been listening to throwbacks to 90s and early 00s, so take a listen…

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Life for Rent – Dido

I heard this song on the radio and it reminded it me of what a classic, amazing song it really is! I find it incredibly uplifting and very relatable to the everyday questions we ask ourselves about our lives. Her voice is so unique and carries you beautifully through the song!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Phase – Jack Garratt

This album has just blown me away. I can actually say that I’ve never heard anything like it – it really is a new sound. He is so talented, he mixes really funky sounds, electronic synthesisers and dance beats with real instruments and his beautiful voice! One of my favourites in the whole album is Fire, which is just so exciting and catchy the whole way through. It has a great sense of urgency and builds so well in the bridge at the end. His use of piano and electric sounds is amazing! (I can’t find the actual audio – so check it out on Spotify/iTunes).

Next we have Surprise Yourself – a completely different expansive sound which is driven by his wonderful choir in the chorus. He really belts out his voice but it never seems forced and he is totally in control. A very soul lifting song with depths of emotion. (Again can’t find the original so look it up!)

Then of course we cannot ignore the single Weathered, which is just beautiful. The chorus and guitar in this piece are wonderful and the music really rouses the heart strings!! Breath Life and Far Cry also bring more amazing dance sounds and masterful use of sound by bringing the accompaniment in and out throughout his songs.

This album is a masterpiece, full of interesting new sounds and a beautiful voice!

RUNNER UP SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Will Smith

This just sums up the Fresh Prince’s style perfectly – smooth rap, easy listening, 90s. You just want to drive and sing along and get up and dance. What a classic!

COVER OF THE WEEK: Life on Mars – Lorde (David Bowie Cover)

I thought this was actually a really tasteful and strong peformance from Lorde. He voice was clear and she was in control of the song – it felt like she knew it back to front and had been singing it for years! (Skip to 9 minutes on the video). His band was amazing and they produced a really polished and powerful performance!

So get listening to some new or old music and enjoy your weekend!

Lot of love,

Sunny Kitty


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