MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Justin Timberlake, Oh Wonder and J-Lo

This week has been a mixture of 00s classics and really obscure new finds that I’m just in love with. So it’s a split between drive time music and some classic 00s RnB and hip hop. Enjoy…

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Drive – Oh Wonder

These guys have an amazing, dreamlike but uplifting sound. Their voices mix together perfectly and this song is just beautiful. The lyrics are really sweet but the chorus is what I love. Real cello mixed with electric piano creates a very atmospheric chorus that just pulls you right in.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Justified – Justin Timberlake

And now for something completely different – this album is a classic, this picture of Justin just takes you to a special musical place. His album perfectly blends latino sounds with smooth RnB! One of my favourite songs to jam to of all time is Señorita! The intro is one of those ones you learn all the words to and the electronic piano riff is perfection. He sings the verse beautifully and his call and response at the end is so fun. I love this song so much!

Next we have my second favourite – Cry Me A River. This shows off his voice and on-point falsetto. It’s got emotional depth, a fantastic choral opening (complete with sounds of rain) and has great ad libs in the second verse and chorus. Plus he does a classic JT move where he loses all the accompaniment for a beat in the second verse, also happens in Señorita.

Now you’ve obviously got the main hit Rock Ya Body, but I much prefer Love You Like I Love You. It’s got a killer percussion beat which really carries the song and that fabulous guitar riff that starts it off is ace. The rhythm of this song is just infectious, paired with great RnB sounds.

This album has some fabulous songs and a really unique fusion of latin and RnB sounds, with strong guitar riffs and awesome beats!

RUNNER UP SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Jenny from the Bloc – Jennifer Lopez

Another classic song – the very opening of the music sets the scene for her sounds. Sassy, unapologetic and real – she knows how to get the party jamming and chilling! I love the chorus and her yelling at the end of each line. J-Lo at her best!

COVER OF THE WEEK: Suit & Tie – Tori Kelly

So in honour of JT I give you Tori Kelly’s fabulous cover of his hit. Her guitar brings a beautiful chilled out quality to his song and just makes you want to listen to her beautiful voice and relax!

So get listening to some of these fabulous sounds!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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