MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Oh Wonder, Meghan Trainor and the 1975

Okay so there’s a real mix this week from a new band Oh Wonder, who are amazing but super chilled, then sass from Meghan Trainor and some feel good music from the 1975…

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: NO – Meghan Trainor

So unfortunately there are absolutely no youtube links to this song – so I guess we’ll need to wait for her to do a video (which I cannot wait for), or buy the song on iTunes (do it!). But this song is just such a feminist anthem – as the title suggests it is about being able to say no to a guy, no reason needed. Power to girls everywhere!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Oh wonder – Oh wonder

These guys are really new and barely starting out but they’re creeping up the charts. They have a lovely sound – their voices go really well together, so that it doesn’t sound like a duet, which never really seems to work for bands, but rather one united sound. It’s all pretty acoustic, lots of piano and strings but enough cool electric sounds to make it fill the room. Drive is one of my favourite tracks from their new album. The strings in the chorus really lift you up, and it builds beautifully throughout. I love the scenery in the video as well.

Then you’ve got Without You – I think this best characterises their sound. Really easy to listen to, what I would play on a rainy sunday or a long car journey when the sun is setting and I’m starting to get tired. Their songs really make you reflect and are very meditative.

Then for a slightly more charged song, I give you Lose It. This has really interesting chord progressions, again led by cellos and has quite a different feel to some of the others. I really like this video as well – they’re quite different and creative with them.

They clearly love music and love what they’re doing. I only wish them more success and that they retain this unique sound!

RUNNER UP SINGLE: The Sound – The 1975

This just makes me want to get up and dance! It’s infectious – I love the words and I love the way they get a full choir to sing the chorus. I just want to dance and sing to this right now!


This is a great cover – totally different to the original. The kind of sound that makes you want to shimmy and shake around your house – quite different to the smooth and reflective sound of the original which I love. But this is a great take on the song – it gets you on your feet.

So get listening to some new and funky tunes this week!

Lots of love,

Sunny Kitty


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