OMG!!!!!!!!!! I went to Zizzi for lunch today, expecting to order something kind of boring like a tomato-based pasta dish – then I got the best shock of my life. They now have vegan cheese which you can put on your pizza!!!!!!!! Zizzi my love for you is immeasurable!

Review: Vegan at Nandos

I went for lunch at Nandos today – turns out you can get some decent vegan fare there and for a very reasonable price too:

REVIEW: Another Vegan Pret Special

Pret are one of the best mainstream lunch options for vegans out there, but they have surpassed themselves yet again. Not only do they still provide their vegan sandwich, salad and soups, but they have released yet another special sandwich that is vegan…

5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans

Pizza Express is rapidly becoming one of my go to chain restaurants if I want a good vegan meal out. It’s great because my friends don’t mind going there either and they often have loads of deals which makes eating out really cheap. Obviously they’re food is delicious and they have a great atmosphere, but…