REVIEW: Sunbites Crackers

The other day I was in Boots and I really wanted a mid-afternoon snack that was not merely crisps – then my gaze landed on these Sunbites crackers – what a vegan find!


OMG!!!!!!!!!! I went to Zizzi for lunch today, expecting to order something kind of boring like a tomato-based pasta dish – then I got the best shock of my life. They now have vegan cheese which you can put on your pizza!!!!!!!! Zizzi my love for you is immeasurable!

Review: Vegan at Nandos

I went for lunch at Nandos today – turns out you can get some decent vegan fare there and for a very reasonable price too:


I was really craving something sweet the other day but had no proper treats in the house, so I rummaged through my cupboard and found the ingredients to make a chocolate sauce. I then just poured it on fruit, cereal and biscuits and it was so delicious. If you want a sweet fix, this is…

REVIEW: Another Vegan Pret Special

Pret are one of the best mainstream lunch options for vegans out there, but they have surpassed themselves yet again. Not only do they still provide their vegan sandwich, salad and soups, but they have released yet another special sandwich that is vegan…

REVIEW: Vegan Salads at Marks and Spencer

Whilst some supermarkets are really amazingly good at providing for vegans, Marks and Spencer is generally extremely poor. They provide no sandwiches that are vegan (despite having loads that nearly are such as falafel, houmous and avocado). However, they do actually have some great vegan meals, you just need to know where to find them…

REVIEW: Vegan at Giraffe

Yesterday I went for lunch at giraffe and I was pleasantly surprised with the choices of what I could have. They have a lot of things that are vegan or can easily be made vegan with very little effort and I had a delicious and filling meal…

RECIPE: Vegan Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

This is the most amazing, decadent, fabulous chocolate desert ever!! It is super easy to make, it’s warm, gooey, rich and fabulous! All my friends who aren’t vegan went back for seconds (the true test of a vegan dish) – I just cannot rave enough about this cake, so I must share it with everyone!

REVIEW: Pret Vegan Lunch

Pret is generally one of the best chain places for a vegan to get a quick, healthy grab and go lunch. They do awesome falafel salads and a super greens sandwich. But today they excelled in vegan options and I had a delicious, filling meal…


As I child I would always go round to my friend’s house every Saturday and we would often end up helping her mum to decorate cakes and biscuits for some kind of cake sale. Today I was in a rush and was thinking of a fun thing to do with some friends, so I put…